Best Buddy's Cafe

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About Us

Best buddy’s cafe is an up-to-the-minute epochal, bringing newest source of coffee, food and merry making experience for all the cafe lovers and people who make peace with the long working hours by enjoying a good cup of coffee and appetizing food experience. Best buddy’s cafe is not just a place to get your taste buds rolling but also stipulates to get you the best cafe experience, infusing some moments of joy and happiness in your lives.


By reasons of best buddy’s cafés, we look ahead to share our love for friendship by transcending best buddy’s cafe into a prominent brand which envisions to recreate cafe culture. We aspire to alleviate best buddy’s cafe into a chain of well structured cafes, expansion of which could be felt in every corner of the country


  • Best Buddy’s Café started in 2015
  • Today thier Mussoorie Road Diversion restaurant is one of the most successful restaurants in Dehradun

Beautiful food presentation

Business plan

  • Staff: Best Buddy’s Café works with 12 people
  • Services: the main service is to provide customers with a unique and vibrant ambiance and providing extraordinary cuisine.
  • Marketing strategies:
  • Social Media
    Bloggers activity
  • Infrastructure: Our café is located in Dehradun towards Mussourie a well-known hill station and is visited by guests from all over the city and also tourists. The café in Dehradun is a favorite among celebrity guest, young entrepreneurs, students, and families.

Advertising campaign

  • Objectives:
    Show our future customers that we are a unique kind of café in Mumbai.
  • Target:
    Our target guests would be of any age since the theme is Best Buddy’s.
  • Media:
    Newspapers Internet